Simply register your vehicle to go to ‘My Vehicle’ Click ‘Recycle’. 😀

You can recycle any vehicle no matter what condition it’s in even if the vehicle is completely written off.

After due documentation procedure is completed. Our technically skilled LOGISTIC TEAM will contact you and collect the car.

You can get in touch with your insurance company and cancel your cover after your vehicle has been collected. If you cancel your insurance before collection, you’ll be breaking the law if you drive the vehicle on a public road.

To scrap your car, you’ll need to produce vehicle ownership document (RC), provide photo ID and proof of address.

No problem. A Certificate of Destruction (COD) will be issued when your vehicle is scrapped. Your COD will be available under MY VEHICLE in your login on our ‘’ portal.

End of Life Vehicle (ELV) is the term used to describe a vehicle that is no longer roadworthy for driving. ELVs must be recycled at Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility (AVSF).

It is 15 years, defined by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

AVSF stands for ‘Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility’ - another name for a scrap yard, or vehicle dismantler that is licensed to carry out dismantling and scrapping activity as per strict government guidelines relating to the handling of scrap vehicles.

No. AVSF or no one can sell ELV. All ELV’s are destroyed and fully recycled.

A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is a document confirming your car has been disposed of. The certificate is issued by AVSF that dismantles your vehicle.

If you’ve lost your RC document, you can still recycle your vehicle. If you know vehicle registration number ownership document can be taken from RTO.

Yes, the registered owner or keeper doesn’t have to be present. For legal reasons, we do need someone to be with the vehicle and able to show their proof of ID and a proof of address.

When you accept the quote that you’ve been offered, you’ll be able to choose a collection time and date that’s convenient for you.

You’ll be paid by bank transfer. Recent changes to the law make paying cash for scrap cars illegal – so our payment methods make sure you’re protected.

We’ll still provide a quote if your car has missing parts - although the price might be slightly reduced; as the scrap value of a vehicle is based on weight. If your vehicle has missing parts, please let us know when you request a price.

Yes, we can. Our logistic team is well equipped to recover a vehicle that has 1 or more flat or damaged tyres.

When a car battery stops working and won’t hold its charge, it could be worth a few hundred bucks. Don’t just throw it away as vehicle batteries contain poisonous substances such as toxic lead and harmful battery acid.

It depends on following factors

  • Date of registration, make and model of vehicle and its location.
  • Condition of vehicle.
  • Current price of scrap Iron, Lead and copper. The price varies depending upon demand and supply.
  • Location – How far is the vehicle from dismantling facility is also determining factor.
  • Running or Standing – generally car in use will be less damaged as compared to ideal one.
  • Model and Year. Is the model currently running? Salability of parts can fetch you extra bucks.
  • Demand and Usability of used car parts.
  • Availability of AC or additional features in a car.
  • Usability of tyres / wheels, bumpers etc.
  • Body weight, complete parts with the car is always better to get higher value.
  • Fuel type Diesel, Petrol, CNG, Hybrid or Electric.
  • Provide photo ID and proof of address.
  • Vehicle is free of all finance charges, such as a hire purchase or loan agreement.
  • Vehicle is free from any additional waste, such as litter, refuse or rubbish.
  • Vehicle is powered by a petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid powertrain as originally manufactured.
  • Vehicle is accessible (in the case of a collection) meaning that it is parked on solid ground, so that it can be safely winched onto a recovery vehicle.

No, we don't accept vehicles with outstanding finance. You need to get NOC from your vehicle financer and get hypothecation removed from RTO.

No. By telling us that your car starts and drives you're declaring that there are no mechanical or electrical problems.

We help you recycle anything and everything that can’t be sold, including:

  • Insurance write-offs
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Flood-damaged vehicles
  • Non-runners
  • Unroadworthy vehicles
  • Junk and salvage vehicles
  • Cars with engine or gearbox damage
  • Fleet vehicles