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Recycling old vehicle, buying new vehicle and maintaining vehicle was never so easy.

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Vehicle Detail & Evaluation

Based on inputs received from vehicle owner, vehicle assessment would be carried out. Vehicle evaluation report would be generated.

Vehicle recycling offer & RTO NOC

Based on vehicle evaluation report, pricing offer would be given to vehicle owner. Once the offer is accepted, procedure for RTO NOC would be initiated.

Recycling & RTO De-registration

Vehicle will be moved to AVSF (Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility). Once the vehicle is scrapped, Destruction Certificate would be issued by AVSF. Vehicle will be de-registered from RTO.

Vehicle movement

Our specially trained logistic team will do all the necessary activity to move your ELV (End of Life Vehicle) to AVSF. (Authorised Vehicle Scrapping Facility)

RTO – Vehicle deregistration

It is mandatory by law to deregister recycled vehicle from RTO records. We carry out this activity for you.

Home service

All the necessary activities will be carried out by our trained personnel while you being at home.

You drive - we maintain

We provide comprehensive vehicle maintenance services as per your vehicle need. Your vehicle will be maintained for READY TO GO always.

Specialized vehicle Maintenance

We offer special vehicle maintenance packages that suit your requirements.

Vehicle health monitoring

Your vehicle health is our priority. We shall be keeping close eye on your vehicle health so it can give you best performance.

Elite Engineers from Industry

Our vehicle experts are from automobile industry. Having worked for various reputed automobile OEMs, they carry vast experience with them.

Right Vehicle selection & price

Our elite engineers will help you to understand your vehicle requirement and suggest best category vehicle to suite your requirement and budget.

Vehicle ownership economics

We will help you to understand hidden costs involved in owning, operating and maintaining your vehicle. We will also help you to optimize the vehicle ownership cost.

Discount against recycled vehicle

We will help you to get best possible discount to buy new vehicle against Destruction Certificate of your recycled vehicle.

Right choice, right price

We will help you out to identify right vehicle at right price.

Value for money

We believe in getting value for the money spent.

Recycle My Vehicle

We all have emotional connect with our vehicle. It is part of our family. Don’t worry now if it is old. We at Logowill take good care of it. It will be recycled and will become part of new creation. Recycling old vehicle was never so easy!


One place Solution

Here you find complete solution for your vehicle recycling need.


Designed for everyone

We cater recycling need of each and every type of vehicle. (2W, 3W, 4W, trucks, bus, construction and agricultural vehicles)


Works from anywhere

You can register from anywhere. Recycling your vehicle was never so easy.


Real time updates

You will be provided with real time updates about the development, starting form registration to issuance of deregistration certificate.

My Vehicle

We care for your vehicle. We organize vehicle data to serve you better. Please GO TO DASHBOARD to register your vehicle.


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People with passion came together to build vision into the future.


RecycleVehicle is a comprehensive platform for vehicle owners irrespective of type of vehicle. We provide services related ... to vehicles, starting from vehicle buying to maintaining and recycling. It is owned by Rejuvenation Technologies Private Limited. We maintain exclusive vehicle data for you to manage your vehicle and serve you better. Our RecycleVehicle platform is equipped with state of the art technologies such as AI/ML and data science. Buying, maintaining and recycling your vehicle was never so easy! Read more


Environment sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. We should be using recourses available to us for ... our need and not for greed. We must conserve nature and its resources. Vehicle recycling is one step towards sustainable environment. Read more

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